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It's done!
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Well, after MONTHS of laboring and learning weaving techniques, here is the scale dice bag!

You want to know something really screwed up? I'm making another one because I can do it better and fix a few things I don't like about this one. Someone is getting a bizarre gift in the near future...

- Ken

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Mutant Pineapple!
Oh Baby!

That is EXACTLY the thing I plan on fixing. It's going to be shorter, with a higher wall of 4-in-1 on the top before I start my contraction rows and close it up. Hopefully, that'll also make the top scales stick out less.

Also, the new one has a color scheme I like a bit more.

Teasing ya!
Gimmi a phone call!

(Deleted comment)
Damn.. looking pretty neat.. I'm not much of a fruit person myself, but it looks good

You're first on the gift list when I figure out how to make a metal pouch that looks like a steak.

looking good, I was thinking acorn more than pineapple though. People who haven't been there just don't know how the little mistakes and thoughts afterwards plague you until you think...hmmmm...maybe if I just do this....

That said, I don't see you making ANOTHER scale-mail cocktail dress... ;-)

I think you'll really like my color scheme on the next one.

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